Feinbloom Low Vision Chart Pages That Are Used in a Low Vision Exam

A low vision exam is different from a conventional eyesight checkup. It includes a series of questions and involves a unique chart and equipment to determine the amount of usable eyesight a person has.

Before the evaluation, Dr. Kornfeld asks a series of questions in the complimentary low vision phone consultation to understand the extent of your eyesight. Knowing if you face any trouble while reading the newspaper or driving on the road can determine whether he can help you do the things you want to do again.

The primary objective of a low vision exam is to determine a proper course of treatment. At Low Vision Optometry of Western New York, we have a practical low vision evaluation per The Richard Shuldiner, OD/William Feinbloom, OD Philosophy & Methods of Providing Low Vision Care™ method.

What do we do differently in a low vision exam?

– We do not use eye drops to dilate the eyes.

– We use an eye chart with larger numbers, the Feinbloom Low Vision Chart. We also request patients to bring samples of activities they regularly perform (stock market reading material, needlework, etc.) to understand the most suitable low vision options.

– We prescribe tailor-made glasses specific to each patient.

– We try to understand what each patient plans to do most that require increased vision. For instance, reading, driving, or recognizing faces.

If you have been noticing things you’d like to do again- like reading or driving- call now for your free phone consultation (585-271-7320) with Dr. Kornfeld. It is vital to understand that you are not alone in this journey, and we may very well be able to help you even when others may have said that there is nothing more that can be done for your vision.

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