Three different pair of low vision glasses

Low Vision Glasses

Various eye diseases such as macular degeneration, albinism, and hemianopsia can lead to low vision and impair a person’s ability to accomplish daily tasks such as driving, reading, cooking, or identifying faces, colors, and objects.

At Low Vision Optometry of Western New York, we are committed to helping people with severe visual impairment lead everyday lives without being dependent on anyone. Being a low vision specialist with over 50 years of experience in the field, Dr. Kornfeld has extensive knowledge of eye disorders that lead to low vision and is well aware of the latest, most effective optical tools and devices used to enhance a patient’s sight.


Low vision treatment can be complex as various aids and glasses must be used to assist with different tasks. Being a highly qualified optometrist, Dr. Kornfeld comprehensively understands the lifestyle needs and prescribes low vision aids that are most suitable for their condition.

E-Scoop Glasses

E-Scoop glasses are made of five optical attributes, enhancing a patient’s vision by transferring it to a different portion of the macula. E-Scoop glasses are ideal for someone in the initial stages of visual impairment.

OrCam Read

OrCam Read is a visual aid to assist patients with low vision with reading activities. The device operates by reading the hand-written or text out loud.

1.7 X Reading Telescopes

1.7 X reading telescopes enable a patient with low vision to read an entire column easily as it provides a magnified view.

Full Diameter Telescopes

Full diameter telescopes assist a person’s vision when he is immobile, for instance, while watching TV or reading a newspaper

Bioptic Telescopes

Bioptic telescopes are built to allow a person to move around while using the telescopes instead of being stationary such as when driving or walking.

Spiral Galilean

Spiral Galilean telescopes are an enhanced version of full diameter telescopes as these have an added advantage of focusability.

Politzer Bioptic

Politzer Bioptic telescopes are customized to the size of the patient’s pupil. Politzer bioptic telescopes enlarge the size of the exit pupil, allowing the patient to have a wider visual field.

Politzer MicroSpiral Galilean

The Micro Spiral lens improves a patient’s eye sharpness by focusing the focal length from distant to near.

Eagle Eye Telescopes

Eagle Eye Telescopes are a more cosmetically appealing option compared to conventional telescopes. These are an ideal alternative for patients who experience erratic vision changes.