Why did the patient come in? 

Wesley came in with extreme vision loss due to experimental surgeries that left him legally blind.

What was the main problem the patient was having? 

Wesley was driving without a license and wanted to find a way to drive legally.

What did his low vision doctor prescribe? 

After a thorough low vision exam and an intense two-week driving course, Dr. Cusic, who specializes in helping folks who have severe vision loss, prescribed Wesley a bioptic telescope.

A headshot of a gentleman wearing glasses
Dr. Ross Cusic of Seattle Low Vision

What were the results? 

Wesley was the first person in Washington State to get his Bioptic Motorcycle license.

Can I get a Bioptic Motorcycle License from my local low vision doctor? 

This depends on where you live and the condition of your vision. Call our office for your free low vision phone consultation to find out what your options are: 866-904-7457


Dr. Kornfeld focuses on improving your remaining vision rather than trying to cure it. Contacting us early can greatly improve your quality of life!

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