In The Press: Clayton D’s Story

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February is Low Vision Awareness Month, and to commemorate this important event, Dr. George Kornfeld, a low vision optometrist, is sharing the story of Clayton

January 2023 | Low Vision: Frequently Asked Questions

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Ever since optometrist William Feinbloom introduced the first low vision glasses in 1936, there have been low vision solutions that, for whatever reason, are not known to the general public (unlike hearing aids.)

What Is A Low Vision Exam?

A low vision exam is different from a conventional eyesight checkup. It includes a series of questions and involves a unique chart and equipment to determine the amount of usable eyesight a person has. Before the evaluation, Dr. Kornfeld asks a series of questions in the complimentary low vision phone consultation to understand the extent […]

The Top 5 Things That You Can Do To Save Your Vision

Although George Kornfeld, OD works with low vision patients that have vision loss, it aligns with our commitment for everyone to live the fullest with the best vision and address the top things that one can do to save their vision while they still have it. Aging, after all, is not the only factor for […]

What does a low vision specialist do for glaucoma?

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The second leading cause of blindness, glaucoma, is a complex eye condition that results in irreplaceable vision loss. Glaucoma may have no warning signs, and a person could lose up to 40% of their vision before noticing.