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Low Vision refers to having reduced visual abilities. It is not the same thing as blindness, because people with low vision still have some functioning eyesight. Yet, many normal daily activities can be difficult – such as driving, cooking, watching TV, and reading. Our eye doctor, Dr. George Kornfeld, has been providing low vision services for over 44 years to patients in our Rochester, NY, office. We have helped many individuals from Syracuse, NY, and other neighboring cities to regain independence with low vision. To maximize your remaining eyesight and optimize your quality of life, contact our office to schedule a low vision exam

Causes of Low Vision

A main cause of low vision is eye disease, such as cataracts, macular degeneration , glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and retinitis pigmentosa. These ocular diseases are linked strongly with aging, which is why low vision is prevalent amongst the elderly population. Eye injury or brain injury are additional reasons for low vision, as well as genetics.

Symptoms of Low Vision

If you have low vision, these problems will not be able to be corrected fully by eyeglasses, contact lenses, surgery, or medication.

Low Vision Aids

A variety of low vision aids are available to help you make the most of your sight, and we serve Syracuse, NY, with a wide range of devices. There are telescope glasses, magnifiers, and computerized aids that add non-visual cues (such as sound and touch) to enhance the identification and location of objects. Other devices improve visual contrast and diminish glare. To determine which instrument is best for your lifestyle and needs, our Syracuse optometrist will perform a low vision eye exam.

Our eye doctor for low vision evaluates every patient as a unique individual in order to offer personalized low vision treatment. As we get to know you, we will recommend the most helpful low vision aids and strategies.

Reasons to Travel from Syracuse, NY to Our Low Vision Optometrist

Reduced vision can be a lonely, frustrating, and overwhelming experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our eye doctor for low vision will:

  1. Address your situation with compassion and understanding. Nobody needs to cope with low vision on their own.
  2. Assess your eyesight with a thorough low vision exam
  3. Discuss your lifestyle needs in order to customize your low vision treatment
  4. Provide you with (and train you to use) the latest low vision devices to enhance your daily life

Dr. George Kornfeld, member of The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists, has been helping people from Syracuse, NY, and all over upstate New York to make the most of their sight and view a fuller picture of life!

Directions from Syracuse to Low Vision Optometry of Western New York

After you visit our eye doctor for low vision and benefit from your regained, improved sense of sight, it’s time to appreciate some local attractions. Syracuse, NY, is the fifth most populated city in New York state, and hands-down – sports are the dominant theme in this town. The Dome is a fantastic sports venue to visit for a game, and we encourage you not to miss out on enjoying one of Syracuse’s famed dome dogs (a hot dog wrapped in tin foil).

Looking for outdoor scenery? Explore Buttermilk Falls when the weather is warm. You can swim in the falls and walk the trails while gazing at miles of natural paradise. Stop by at the one-of-a-kind Books Barn on your journey – it’s an old barn that was converted gloriously to a huge archive of literary gems.

Another fantastic Syracuse, NY, destination is the Cayuga Wine Trail. Be prepared for a day of having fun and making friends, as you learn a bit about the history of the area and local wine industry. When hunger strikes, head to Ithaca Commons for a charming dinner; there are plenty of relaxing restaurants to please any palate.

We love Syracuse, NY, and we’re proud to help as many people as possible see this beautiful city clearly!