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Low Vision describes a condition in which eyesight is reduced – it is not the same as blindness. However, the level of functioning vision can be too low to accomplish many routines, daily tasks with ease. For example, reading, watching TV, driving, writing, and cooking can become a frustrating challenges. That’s where our experienced low vision eye doctor, Dr. George Kornfeld, can help.

Dr. Kornfeld, a certified member of The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists, has been serving low vision patients for over 44 years. Our Rochester, NY, office is comfortable and convenient, and we have helped many people from the area to regain independence with low vision. If you or a loved one has low vision, we will work with you to maximize your remaining eyesight and optimize your quality of life! Contact us to book a consultation in Rochester, NY.

Do You Have Low Vision? These Are the Symptoms

With low vision, none of these symptoms can be corrected fully by prescription eyewear, surgery, or medication.

What Causes Low Vision?

Age-related eye disease, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and retinitis pigmentosa, is a primary cause of low vision. Other possible causes include brain injury or eye injury, as well as genetics.

What are Low Vision Aids?

A range of low vision devices is available to help you use the eyesight you have left.  Examples of low vision aids that we recommend in our Rochester, NY, practice include magnifiers, telescopic glasses, and computerized aids.

Our eye doctor will perform a thorough low vision eye exam to determine which aids will be effective for your personal condition. He will fit you with the most suitable low vision devices and instruct you on the best ways to use these optics and technologies in your life. Everyone is different, and Dr. Kornfeld will personalize your low vision rehabilitation to meet your unique requirements and preferences.

Look at Rochester, NY!

Our low vision eye doctor is devoted to helping you appreciate all the beauty in life. After we fit you with new low vision aids and strategies, it’s time to take a close look at all that Rochester, NY, has to offer!

Rochester, NY, located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, offers thousands of acres of picturesque nature and parkland. A great place to start exploring the scenery of this city is at Highland Park. Wander through the collections of pretty plants and take a break to reflect at the various memorials located throughout the park, such as the Victim’s Rights Memorial, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the AIDS Remembrance Garden. In the winter, you can skate across Lily Pond. Are you a skier? Rochester can satisfy your craving to glide cross-country at Durand Eastman Park. To enjoy a different type of field – such as the kind meant for sports action – you can catch a ball at Frontier Field, where some of the largest crowded games have been recorded in history.

Hands-down, the greatest place to play in Rochester is at The Strong National Museum of Play. In addition to engaging in many interactive exhibitions, you can view the largest collection of historical play-related materials in the world. When your family is in the mood for a more lively, thrilling type of play, we recommend the Seabreeze Amusement Park. This fun site combines a water and theme park all-in-one, and as a bonus – it is very easy to reach off the highway. Do you and your children love to craft? Head to Fingerlakes Wine Country to get your hands dirty with all sorts of artsy activities, such as painting, weaving, and pottery. You can also sample the best-crafted wines in Rochester and stroll pleasantly along the outdoor paths.

Rochester has been nicknamed “Festival City,” because so many events are hosted here! Some popular seasonal festivals include the Clothesline Festival in September, the Image Out Film Festival in October, the Lilac Festival in May, Xerox International Jazz Festival in June, the Corn Hill Arts Festival in July, and the Park Avenue Festival in August. See what we mean?