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Not the same as blindness, low vision describes a loss of sight in which you are still able to see, but with reduced clarity. Many activities that you have done easily for years, such as reading, driving, and using a computer, may now be extremely difficult. Standard eyeglasses, medical treatment, and surgery is not effective. Usually, this condition affects visual independence and can lead to feelings of frustration, depression and isolation. However, it doesn’t need to be that way! Our eye doctor offers a comprehensive variety of low vision services for Buffalo, NY.

Our low vision aids and rehabilitation services can help you maintain your independence and optimize your enjoyment of life!

  • Low Vision Evaluation
  • Low vision can be caused by aging and numerous eye conditions, such as:
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Retinitis pigmentosa
  • Albinism
  • Achromatopsia
  • Stargardt’s disease
  • Stroke
  • Other vision limiting diseases

No matter what caused your low vision, we will work with you to make the most of your remaining sight. Our eye doctor will perform a low vision eye exam to assess your condition and discuss your lifestyle requirements. Based on the results of your consultation, we will fit you with the most helpful low vision devices and customized strategies.

Low Vision Devices

Numerous options are available to help people with visual impairments. Low vision aids are either optical, electronic, or non-optical, and each type will help enhance vision for a particular task and circumstances. Our low vision devices for Buffalo, NY, include:

  • Magnifiers: Handheld, stand-alone, and spectacle-mounted; these devices can assist with tasks such as reading, shopping, and errands.
  • Specialized Glasses – Prisms, telescopes, readers, and more; low vision eyeglasses come in many types to target the specific tasks you need to do, including driving, seeing faces, watching TV, or just walking safely.
  • Computer Software, Video, and Electronic Devices:  we’ll introduce you to the latest technologies to help you stay in touch with your friends and family, as well as use a computer for the work and entertainment you enjoy.

Our low vision doctors for Buffalo, NY, will recommend the most helpful low vision devices, fit you with them so they are comfortable, and teach you how to use them for optimum visual clarity.

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  1. Buffalo is the second largest city in the state of New York, and serves as a major crossing for travel and commerce for the United States – Canada border.
  2. Niagara Falls is only 16 miles away! Wander the lookout points and take a voyage on the Maiden of the Mist.
  3. The Albright-Knox center is one of the oldest exhibition spaces in America, dating back to 1862. Collections feature masterworks from varied 20th and 21st century artists.
  4. The Buffalo Zoo has creatures and critters from all over the world, including Siberian tigers, Japanese macaques, and polar bears to visit.
  5. Looking for a lively space to socialize, stroll a boardwalk, sail on a kayak, and catch a show? Head to the Canalside Buffalo district, located on the edge of Lake Erie in the center of Buffalo.
  6. History buffs will love the alleyways of the Allentown Historic District, listed on the National Register. Look out for fantastic boho joints and listen for impromptu music shows on the street corners, while exploring the quirky art galleries and craft shops.
  7. After your visit to our Buffalo eye care center, use your sharp peepers to go bird-watching at the Times Beach Preserve! This site is located beside downtown Buffalo, where the Niagara River meets Lake Erie. Many fascinating species of birds fly through all year round.