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If you or a loved one has Low Vision, it means that eyesight has been reduced, but there is still some degree of remaining vision. With low vision, the amount of functional vision and its quality is highly individual, varying widely from person to person.

Yet typically, low vision affects the ability to perform many regular daily tasks, such as driving, reading, watching TV, and cooking. As a result, a person with low vision may need to depend on others, and this lack of independence can be very difficult and frustrating. Dr. George Kornfeld, your low vision doctor for Binghamton, understands the challenges and can offer many helpful solutions.

Our modern office is about 150 miles from Binghamton, NY – and it’s well worth the journey to benefit from Dr. Kornfeld’s advanced low vision services. As an experienced member of The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists, he serves many people from Binghamton and all surrounding New York communities with a range of professional, assistive services. With compassion and expertise, he works with each patient to maximize their remaining eyesight using a range of low vision devices and personalized strategies.

Call to book a low vision eye exam and learn about how we can help improve your or your loved one’s quality of life.

What Are the Symptoms of Low Vision?

These symptoms can be blamed on many different reasons, but with low vision – none of these symptoms can be corrected fully by prescription eyewear, surgery, or medication.

What Are the Typical Causes of Low Vision?

Many age-related eye diseases, such as glaucoma macular degeneration , diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and retinitis pigmentosa, are primary causes of low vision. Other possible culprits include brain injury or eye injury, as well as genetics.

What Type of Low Vision Aids Are Available?

The most common low vision aids that we recommend for our Binghamton, NY, eye care patients are telescopic glasses, a variety of magnifiers, and computerized devices and programs. In order to match you with the most suitable low vision device, our eye doctor will perform a specialized eye exam to assess your level of remaining vision. He will also ask you about your daily activities and what you enjoy doing. Using the results from this evaluation, he will fit you with the most helpful low vision devices for your eyes and your lifestyle.

Why Travel from Binghamton to our Low Vision Optometrist?

Reduced eyesight can be an isolating and overwhelming experience. However, it doesn’t need to be that way – we believe that nobody should cope with low vision on their own!

Dr. Kornfeld will address your individual situation with understanding. Using the cutting-edge optometric equipment in our progressive eye care clinic, he will assess your remaining sight thoroughly and discuss your unique lifestyle requirements. In sum, by traveling from Binghamton to Low Vision Optometry of Western New York, you will benefit from custom-designed low vision rehabilitation and low vision aids, and you will never be treated as “just another patient.”

Things to Do on the Way from Binghamton, NY

When you travel from Binghamton to receive the best low vision services in the area from our Syracuse eye doctor, there’s plenty to do on the way! Here are some of our recommendations on how to turn your drive through Western New York into a fantastic, enjoyable day trip:

Whitney Point, NY : About 20 minutes after you leave Binghamton, you’ll reach Whitney Point, NY. If you’re ready to get out and stretch your legs a bit, we suggest strolling alongside the water on the paved paths of the Whitney Point Reservoir. Time for a quick bite to eat? Stop at the Whitney Point Country Kitchen for some tasty American comfort food.

Cortland, NY : As you continue north, you’ll arrive at Cortland, NY, about 45 minutes outside of Binghamton. Cortland displays some amazing views of history! Stop in at the CNY Living History Center to learn about the local industry, military, and agricultural heritage of the region. The 1890 House Museum is another site that we suggest for a short visit. Once you are fitted with your new low vision aids, you’ll be able to appreciate the lovely details of this architectural treasure!

Syracuse, NY : A half-hour longer on the road will bring you to Syracuse, NY, where there’s always a sports game to attend! Why not catch a game on your way from Binghamton to our low vision eye doctor? Check the events calendar when you book your next eye exam to see who will be playing at The Dome. Now that you are more than halfway to our eye care center, it’s the perfect time for a snack or meal. Take a table at Pastabilities for a filling meal, or pick up a sandwich at Darwin on Clinton or a decadent donut at Glazed & Confused.

Clifton Springs, NY : You’re almost there! Clifton Springs is only 30 minutes before you’ll arrive at our low vision eye doctor’s office. If you’re running early for your eye exam or want to explore another attractive NY city, walk down West Main Street to see contemporary crafts at Main Street Arts, enjoy an Asian-European meal at the popular Warfield’s Restaurant, or tour the Foster Cottage Museum to learn more about the local history.

Drive a bit longer on I-90 W and you’ll soon reach the turn-off for Low Vision Optometry of Western New York . Dr. Kornfeld and our entire team welcome you to our comfortable office, where we are dedicated to enhancing your vision and your enjoyment of all there is to see in the area!